“Attitude reflect leadership, Captain.”

This poorly worded sentence comes “Remember the Titans.” The two of the players were discussing the dysfunction of the team and they argued whose fault it is. I don’t remember much other than that and that Ryan Gosling was my favorite character in the movie.

This line has been scrolling through my mind a lot lately. Every day, when I get up to leave my house, there is a rock in my stomach. I never know what the day will bring or whom I will meet. I could sing “If you are happy and you know it” with a group of kids or an ntate may tell me that Sesotho is terrible and I should give him money. Opening the door is daunting task each morning for the unknown is enough to convince me my bed is a better place.

But I didn’t come to the other side of the globe to hang out in my house. I came to see the world and maybe help a person or two. Watching the inside of my walls isn’t going to make either of those things happen. The struggle is internal and I can over come it.

So, when I wake up and dress, I also need to remember to put on a good attitude. A proper attitude is the difference between a good or a bad day. It’s easy and I won’t always have a sunny disposition but I can at least try. I have to do my part, and if nothing else happens beyond that, well I did what I could.


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