At some point you just need to accept.

You need to accept that you will not change the world. Also, that there are many things that will not differ, regardless of your presence, and, you are the one that needs to adjust behavior and thinking.

You need to accept this isn’t a project or something you can neatly wrap up. It’s a process and, at times, it’ll kick your butt.

You need to accept that you made this decision, knowing the sacrifices it will entail, and you need to live with that.

You need to accept that with some patience and a smile you will be accepted.

You need to accept that this is your life now.

You need to accept that this isn’t about you. It never was.

You need to accept you.


5 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. I want to thank you. My girlfriend is in the peace corps, in Lesotho, teaching sciece and math in “the most remote PC site”. She is having a very hard time, and sometimes it feels like she has no support there. Reading your thoughts here (which she told me to do) gives me bith a window of words more than she can share, and posts (like this one) to help remind her that she isn’t singular in her experiences. Thank you.

    • Hi, Jeffrey, yes I think it is hard for all of us because we are still on lockdown and not allowed to travel. But, MJ is not alone in how she feels. We are all struggling. I am excited to catch up with her in March. Thanks for reading.

  2. Thank you for Acceptance. Yes, eventually it’s us that changes and with each change the world becomes a better place for us all.

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