Thoughts still in Niger

This blog is supposed to be about my time as a PCV in Lesotho, and most days it is. But sometimes I am reminded that I was a volunteer somewhere else, somewhere that seems so far away in a time that appears as if it was forever ago.

Almost weekly one of my friends from that time posts a link to story about the horrendous situation in Niger. No food. No water. No healthcare.

Lesotho has its own food, water and healthcare issues, but nothing compared to Niger. They are both poor countries, but stacked up beside each other it’s clear to see which is suffering more.

My heart hurts for my friends and family still there. I try not to picture their faces. Maybe they are hungry. Maybe they are sick. Maybe they are no longer alive.

Peace Corps made a difference in that country. It helped educate people and, in some villages, volunteers used their resources to build pumps and clinics. When I read these articles, I sometimes yearn to be there instead of here. I just want to help.

But, as the fates would have it, my number was called and I am now happy to be working with Peace Corps Lesotho. Still, the situation is very dire and Nigeriens need our help.

I was going to repost these links to my Facebook, but decided they warranted their own post. Please read them and educate yourself on what is happening in Niger. These posts would bring tears to my eyes if I let them, but I don’t because my focus needs to be here in Lesotho.

It’s a place full of poverty and sadness, but I spent six of the best months of my life there. Niger will always been enclosed in my heart.

“Niger Children Miss School to Search for Water”

“Niger’s complicated hunger crisis”

Niger is the worst place in the world to be a mother

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