Hi. Remember me?

So, for the last two weeks Peace Corps Lesotho has been on standfast. Standfast is a low level in the PC’s emergency action plan and prohibits volunteers from leaving their village. Next is consolidation – all volunteers to designated safe place – and then finally, my personal favorite, evacuation.

On May 26 Lesotho held elections. There was some speculation that violence could erupt but it was ultimately very peaceful. It did take a while for all the votes to be collected and the new government to be established – and it is new as there is a new prime minister for the first time in 18 years – but all appears to be calm now.

On the very first day of standfast I ran out of time on modem, meaning I couldn’t get on the Internet because I can only buy time in Maseru. I made due with my phone, but I have been pretty absent from the Interwebs the last couple of weeks, which actually was needed.

In the meantime, I’ve been chilling out in my village. I’ve rewatched every episode of “Parks and Recreation” that I have and decided that if I had to align myself to any television character it would be Leslie Knope. I also, for the first time ever, managed to get into the crow yoga position. It was only for five seconds, but I did it. And, one day, I organized all of my cupboards. It was a rager.

We closed school yesterday for the winter break and are wrapping up end-of-term exams. I was pretty pleased with my pass-fail rate but am ready for the break. I thought June and July would be slow months. Wrong. I am actually quite busy with visitors, workshops and a few secondary projects. There is a vacation in the works and my host sister is getting married next week.

OK, now that I can buy data time and get into Maseru, I promise to give the blog more love, but I will say that my access to electricity will not be as frequent with school closed. So the blog may not be as a party as it usually is, but I promise to drop by when I can.

Hope you are all having a lovely June and let’s celebrate a peaceful Lesotho and no more standfast.

Tell me what you have been doing the last few weeks. I hope it includes lots of summer activities, such as beers on porches, baseball games and gardening.


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