Things that are normal to a PC life

I’ve been in Lesotho long enough to find some of daily activities just that – daily and not at all abnormal. However, when I think about them with my non-Peace Corps goggles, they do kind of weird. For funzies I thought I would share them with you.

Things that are normal to me as a PCV:

–       Urinating in a bucket

–       Waking up to cows, goats, animals, random shouting

–       Not showering (but I do bath!)

–       Getting my water out of well

–       Boiling that water well

–       Planning electronic usage between trips to the outlets

–       Not understanding anything being said to me

–       Buying air time and making sure I have enough to send texts

–       Having strangers ask me my name, where I am going and what I am cooking

–       Avoiding cows while I am running

–       Cooking dinner by candlelight

–       Standing outside on a hill to talk to take phone calls

–       Wearing mismatched clothes

–       Seeing people carrying things on their heads

–       Walking an hour to the post office

–       All homemade meals coming from a gas-burner stove

–       Not going outside at night

–       Being surprised to see a white person

–       Reading through an American magazine and not knowing half the people in it

–       Answering to two names

–       Coming home to my ntate cutting up some type of animal

–       Being the center of attention

–       Wearing the same thing two days in a rough

–       Not looking in a mirror for days

–       Waiting

–       Walking a long distance to anywhere

–       People laughing at me

–       My feet always clean-ish, never fully clean

OK, that is enough for today. What do you think would be weird about the PC life?




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