Can I really post photos to this thing?

Hi. Remember how I said my host sister was getting married? Well, instead of a boring post, here are a few photos.

These are all photos from my host sister’s wedding. The first photo is Maseeng and Thebe (my host brother) dancing into the church, followed by a MARCHING BAND. It was crazy. The ceremony was very beautiful and Maseeeng looked beautiful. When they were saying vows and exchanging rings, I was trying to get a photo and everyone told me to just go up to the alter and take a photo. So I did. It was a bit weird and I tried to snap a few and then return to my seat, but each time I did someone would motion at me to stay. In fact, the priest even said to me as I was halfway down the steps to the pews, “Wait. The big moment is coming. They are going to kiss.” After, we went to take some photos on this mountain. The second photo is my host parents and I followed by one of Katie and I. Katie was so awesome to go with me to the wedding and I couldn’t imagine doing it without her. Also, every piece of clothing she is wearing is mine. Except underwear. Even as PCVs, that is gross.

After the ceremony, we went back to our house for a HUGE party with the village. A parade of cars streamed into the village as the marching band surrounded the car with the bride and groom. Everyone was dancing and screaming. It was a wonderful moment. We then ate lots of food and the village danced and drank lots of jola. It was a wonderful day and I am so happy that I go to be there for it.

Since I have decent Internet, want to see a few more photos?

 May 20 was AIDs Vigil Day, so I had my life skills class make memorials for those who they have lost from the wretched disease. We then hung up the memorials in the class room. It was a fun activity and the students always love when I bring out my crayons, markers and colored pencils for them to use.

This is a group of neighbor kids I saw one day when I walking home from school. They all looked so adorable just shucking corn that I had to take there picture.

So, don’t get too used to this photo thing as I rarely have Internet to upload them. But I promise to be better about it and add a few to the blog-o when I get the chance.

Love – H.


2 thoughts on “Can I really post photos to this thing?

  1. I’m curious about the internet situation there. You seem to update quite often. Does your school have internet? or do you go to internet cafes? Do your students go online much and have email addresses?

    • Hi, Tammy! I actually update my blog once every couple of weeks, but schedule the posts to spread them out. I have a modem with fairly slow Internet. I have to pay buy how much data I use so I can’t download photos or stream videos. There are Internet cafes here that are usually pretty fast and we use a PC office. Must of my teachers and students do not have Internet, although a few go online with their phones. But, in general, there isn’t a lot of Internet here.

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