Fancy blogger

Did you know that I am a fancy blogger who publishes photos and gets named to “Best of Lists”? Well, it is true.

This is of my village. It is beautiful, huh?

Last week I got an email from someone with a link to this article on the 40 Best Peace Corps Blogs. Take a look at no.12. Boom.

Thanks to whoever reads this blog. It really means the world to me that people would find my ramblings (usually with words missing) interesting enough to consume at least 30 seconds of their Internet time. Really. I hate the term blogger and think most are preachy, but I love sharing my life here. This blog is my soul and, if people find it mildy enertaining, well then maybe I am doing something right in the world. Thank you.

Since we are talking about crazy talented writers (I mean, we were just talking about me), Nicholas Kristof was recently in Maseru. Having actually lived in some of the places Kristof writes about, I think he sometimes misses the point and doesn’t always give the clearest of on the ground perspectives. Regardless, he is an amazing writer and does really important work. This story sheds a good light on Lesotho and some of the advancements its making. 

Hope you are all well. I am going on vacation next week. Hannah and I are taking a safari and we’ve barely planned a thing. It will be wonderful.

What are YOU doing this week?


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