Let’s chat

I’ve tried for 20 minutes to upload a photo. Sorry, kids, it is not going to happen.

But, I do have some fun news that may make you jump up and give the person next to you a high five. If there is no one near you, I will accept air high fives. We will pretend you are sending them to Africa.

I got a new phone. Why would that make you happy? Well, I will tell you but I will tell you a quick story.

When I first arrived in country, I got this craptastic red Vodaphone from Vodacomm, but was so thrilled because it had Internet. It was slow and displayed the Internet from 1995, but I could check Facebook, Gmail and what not. Then I moved to site and it didn’t work so well. Facebook just quit working entirely and the rest of the Internet needed to be swooned with dinner and a movie before it would actually work. Plus, I went through so much airtime just so I could read strangers’ blogs about running and beer.

A few PCVs in Lesotho had Blackberries and really enjoyed them. A friend of mine lost hers a few months back and decided to splurge on one herself. It was then a downward spiral. Many people were abandoning the red phones for shiny white Blackberries. They all BMMed each other and had group chats. No one wanted to pay for SMS anymore, so those without BBM didn’t get to join in the fun. Basically, I lost friends over technology.

I wanted to hold out, though. I wanted to rough it and go smart phone-less because I was in Africa and that is what “real volunteers” do. I could be constantly occupied with my phone and ignoring the people in front of me back in America, when I get another precious iPhone. (Guess how much an iPhone is in Africa? FOUR times more than I make in a month.)

But, one night, I was with a few friends and saw how they could communicate with people back in America, mostly their families, and I caved. I was envious of their ability to text or send photos to home in an instant and decided I, too, needed a Blackberry.

And now I am on the Crackberry. And it was worth it. I can talk to my family at anytime and it makes me feel a little bit closer to them. No high and mighty attitude is worth that.

But this is where it gets fun for you because now we can chat! If you have a Blackberry (who am I kidding, nobody has those in America anymore) you can add me on BBM with the PIN: 29EB35F3.

Now for all of you iPhone and Droid users, you should download the Whatsapp and add me as a contact there. We can send photos, messages, videos, audio recordings, lame jokes anytime we want. My number is +26657255515 (make sure to add the + and the country code). Message me first and then we can be contacts. I promise to give you the choice of not-funny jokes or not-inspirational quotes that you’ll receive from me.

You can also use that number to call me!

There is also still Facebook and email, but those aren’t nearly as fun.

I also download the WordPress app thinking I can upload photos. Silly me. I forgot I was in Africa. Maybe in 2014 you will get to see some photos, if people still like those then.

OK. So let’s chat some and be friends, just like in America. I just had an amazing four days with a few visitors that I will tell you about another time. Friends, food, new phones make me really happy these days. What makes you happy? Tell me, I want to know!

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