My time living in a Third World country has taught me how much I take for granted in the U.S.

A mindless movie in a sea of blankets after an exhausting day. The comfort of a hot mocha and unlimited wireless Internet in a cozy coffee shop. Friends and family a short car ride away.

A simpler lifestyle has also allowed me to enjoy the little things a bit more, such as warm baked goods or hello from a friend. Despite having experienced 27 springs, I was recently reminded how great they are.

Winter is on its way out, but not without some grand exit. Snow fell for nearly 24 hours while the wind howled and the temperature stung. It was as awful as winter goes but there wasn’t much I could do.

As a reward for patience, the sun came out. I was still wearing three layers, but it was an improvement from the four I had donned the two previous days. Village life resumed it’s normal busy as people when about chores, singing and laughing with each other. And a small family of chicks and their Mother Hen crossed my path as I walked home from school.

Spring is coming.

This season, no matter what side of the hemisphere you are on, brings hope. Life will come again and maybe you can change something. Maybe this will be your season. Even if it is not, the warmer temps will fool you anyway.

This break came after a week of great internal struggle, when I read two books in two days in hopes of quieting my mind. But the small creatures and sparks of new life told me that maybe this storm has passed. There will be others, but it’s not the time to worry about them. Instead, I’ll lift my head to the sky, close my eyes and smile. These are the moments of a great life.


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