Buckets o’ fun

*A few other PC Lesotho Volunteers have written about this on their blogs and I think it may be a fun tidbit for my readers as well. I keep telling you guys I am actually going to write about my life here and less about how I feel. I don’t really do that, huh? Well, this is a post to break up the emotional dribble and I thought it would be fair to let you know that the topic is not original but the content is. I am not a stealer. Unless, you have Peanut Butter M&Ms. Then I am.

The bucket may be one of the world’s greatest inventions. You can put anything into them, dump them out and pretend that it never happened.

As PCVs our lives revolve around buckets. There are buckets for storing our water – I’ve got two big blue ones that have no other responsibility. I have buckets for washings, both dishes and myself. The bathing bucket is large and tub-like. I can’t lay down in it but, thanks to my 5-foot-three frame, I can sit comfortably. I have two buckets for dishes, one for storing items and another for holding dirty dishes. When it is time to wash, it is transported into a sink.

I also have two waste buckets. These are fun, and will likely gross you out. There is the green everything bucket. It’s a garbage disposal and drain in one. I throw old food, coffee grounds and dirty water into it. I even spit into it when brushing my teeth.

Then there is the pii bucket (I saw it spelled like that once, which makes it seem less gross than it is), which is for urinating. Yes, I keep a bucket near my bed that I pee into. Still want to be my friend? In Lesotho, going out at night, even just a trip to the latrine, can be dangerous with lots of dogs trained to attack intruders. It’s also cold. Instead, you have a bucket that allows you to do your thing, hop back into bed and dump out in the morning the dirty secret with your shame. It did gross me out at first, but I am already dreading going back home and having to go into another room when I need to use the bathroom at 3 a.m.

Only when I stop to think about it does it seem weird that most of my daily chores involve buckets. In the day to day, it’s normal. It sometimes is tedious, filling up and dumping out buckets, but they are apart of my living room furniture. They also make life a heck of a lot easier than it could be.

I have never used buckets this much before, and it is a shame. They are so great. When I go home, I will want to buy a few and keep around just to make me feel normal.


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