Run, girl, run

Hey-yo, friends, readers, Internet stalkers.

Interrupting my usual PC and emotional dribble posts to tell you about something crazy that I did. I signed up for an ultra marathon March 30 in Cape Town. Your jaw is open right now, huh?

Running has become a big part of my life in Lesotho. It’s my way to explore this country and feel its curves. It’s my piece of home and me time when I desperately need it.

And because running an ultra marathon isn’t crazy enough, I AM GONNA BLOG ABOUT IT! Did you know that I have a running blog? I do and I haven’t posted since 2009, but consistency doesn’t really matter in social media, anyway. It’s got a great name: A Silly Girl Who Likes to Run. It is from a poem I wrote in the ninth grade, already pretty aware of who I was.

Not really.

I will likely post on that blog less frequently than this one because, you know, this one is the money maker. Just kidding. I do not make money on this blog; that is against Peace Corps policy. But, if someone wants to pay me to babble on this blog, I will be available December 2013. Also, I will not automatically sync posts to Facebook and Twitter like I do this one. People already hate me enough for that. Put me into your Google Readers, RSS feeds, bookmarks or whatever cool thing you people with constantly technology use for updates.

Honestly, I get that this is a big goal but I am tired of people telling me I can’t do something. And by people I really mean myself. I love running and it’s time to show it how much.

So, if you want to follow along, hop over to Silly Girl. It may not be entertaining or inspiring, but it will have heart. Kinda like this blog. If not, I am not offended. Running is for weird people.

OK. Go.


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