Despite waking up to snow on the mountains Monday, it is supposed to be summer in Lesotho.

I am a girl from South Dakota, where there are blizzards in May, but I have never wanted hot weather more in my life. The winter was brutal and everlasting so it is nice to feel a change in the temperature and embrace on a new season.

Last year, I arrived right as summer was coming but I didn’t have any harsh cold to compare it to and I was too busy trying not to roll my eyes through my second round of pre-service training (you go through PST twice, you deserve sainthood) to notice the seasons changing.

My teacher friends say that the best part of their profession is summer break. Now that I am pseudo teacher, I get it. Both my students and I have been anxiously anticipating the wrap up of another year for weeks. We have started giving out final exams and those writing the national exams – which determines if you can exit primary, middle and high school – are now finished. At my school, we just have the eighth and ninth graders left (they take the exam at 10th grade and we do not have any 11th graders at my school) and I am actually putting off writing my last one test with this blog post. The next couple of weeks will be light, correcting exams and supervising the test taking on the days that I am scheduled to do so. On the 23rd, Black Friday to you all, we will give out the last exams and my first school year as a teacher will end.

Besides the noticeable change in my free time, I can feel summer’s presence in other ways. Just like my Facebook news feed, there are babies everywhere, but of the four-legged kind. We have teeny goats, lambs, calves, a small pig and a pony running around our compound. It’s a children’s book waiting to be written. So. Much. Cuteness.

The sun has decided to spend more time with us and is now out before 5 a.m. and hangs around till after 7 p.m. At night, the cricket choir performs and that summery smell – you know the one – makes me think of campground fires, Farm Island and the feeling like if all days were innocent as a summer’s night than life would be OK.

I wear mostly skirts now and only socks for running. My new favorite treat is iced-guava that I buy at the taxi rank. And there are braais, or barbeques, nearly every weekend.

Summer, or summa as a Vodacomm promotion calls it, is here. I am looking forward to the break from school, the holidays the season brings, vacation and a bit darker skin. Mostly, I am looking forward to more nights of that sweet smell and the feeling of possibility.


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