Packages Update

Every now and then, people ask me what I need or would like in a package. I never know how to answer this question because I feel like a major dufusface saying, “send me food to stuff my face!”

Sending packages is costly and I really don’t want people to feel obligated to send me anything, but I understand that sending packages is for people to contribute to this experience and support me. I respect that.

I’ve listed a few things that make good package stuffers, but lately I thought of a few things that I wish I had for school and other projects, so I decided to throw them up on the bloggo. If you are one of the people that want to send me a package, you are saint. Also, maybe this list will be helpful. If you don’t want to send me a package, it is OK. I will still be your friend.

Things for school:

–       Stickers

–       Pencils

–       Markers

–       Rulers

–       Small pieces of candy (I use this as positive reinforcement for English speaking)

–       Construction paper

–       Note cards

–       Maps

–       Balloons, those crazy bracelets that make shapes

Things for me, if you feel it necessary:

–       Hand sanitizer

–       Magazines/books

–       Podcasts

–       Healthy snacks (this girl has an ultra to run next year!)

–       Pictures of home

–       Music

–       Batteries (AA/AAA)

Please don’t hate me if this post seems vain. Then again, what are blogs for? Also! If there is anything anyone wants from Lesotho, please let me know. Remember I have a limited budget but I am happy to send African things. I can have kids draw pictures, my students write you poems or figure something else out.

OK. Enough. Hope it is a good week!


2 thoughts on “Packages Update

  1. Heather – Happy Thanksgiving.

    I was wondering about an address for sending things to you. Also, my 2nd grade girl scouts from Pierre would love to get some pictures drawn from Lesotho kids. We’ll send some to you to share also.

    • Hi, Kristie! I would love to do something with your troop. My address is PO BOX 264 Machache 130 Lesotho. My students are on summer break but when they return to school maybe we can arrange something. Thanks for reaching out!

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