Project: Her World

Several months ago I was asked to participate in a project in celebration of International Day of the Girl Child. The organizers asked me to pick out a bright girl and have her answer this question: What are your wishes for girls in your country?

I knew instantly I wanted Ntabiseng to answer the question. She is one of my Form A, now Form B, students and is extremely bright. I also sponsored her this year and, thanks to Friends of Lesotho, was able to pay half of her school fees. She works very hard in class and is good in almost every subject. Like many of her classmates, she comes from a poor family but doesn’t see that as a hindrance to her dreams.

Last week I got an email about the final project and here is a collection of answers from girls across the world, including Ntabiseng. Here is a link to the post, which is the second from the top. She is the one pictured in the second triangle on the top and her words are in the first orange box.

I am so proud of her.


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