Bloggity Blog

Hello, folks,

So, while I took a break from blogging during Lent, I was still writing. I have 30-some posts over the last few months and will be using the rest of April, May and June to post them. I also threw in some of my latest columns from the Capital Journal.

The timing of these blogs may seem weird – some were written still in summer or before my ultra – but there are still ideas I want to express here. I’ve tried to indicate when the post was written if I felt that it was appropriate.

In addition, I will post more recent entries as they happen as the need to write hits me daily.

Thank you so much for all the kind comments lately, especially on my ultra post. I love to know people read this and find some of it valuable. If you are a Peace Corps invitee, I encourage you to check out my packing advice here and here.

Thanks for reading.



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