It was the noise that woke me first.

The whishing.

I thought maybe it was rain and then the smell came next.

With panic, I grabbed my glasses and flashlight and scrambled out of bed. The noise, as I had suspected, was coming from my gas tank. The tube connecting my stove and tank fell off and my small house was being pumped with toxin.

My awakening, at 3:07 a.m., kept me from an eternal sleep. I realized then, when I woke up a few hours later and now how considerably lucky I was. For reasons I can’t understand, God pulled me out at the right moment.

Later in the day, I was crying in the principal’s office. I’ve been stressed with the same class since the beginning of school, often storming out of the class or returning home early and broken. As the students I am were engaged in yet another struggle, I asked them if they wanted me to go home. To me, it seemed like they took no value in my presence and wouldn’t care much if I didn’t show up the next day. All it would take is a single phone call and it would be over.

The other teachers, confronting the main perpetrators, reassured me that I am not the only one having issues with this class. They all do. Still, I wasn’t sure I could continue.

Earlier that morning, I told a few of my friends about what happened with the gas. After my breakdown, I found this message on my phone:

Then I returned to my friend and saw this message:

“God has showed me through your experience last night that He is showing you you have a purpose. He woke you up for a PURPOSE. To me this gas leak is a sign of the adversities you are facing right now in your life. He is telling me to tell you: He will wake you up (get you out o the situation in His due time). Right now he is grooming you for a bigger purpose. Stay one with Him and He will keep you covered through these tests and trials. Just know that God is covering you still and one day He will wake you up from the trials and tests and everything will be good!”

Tears, immediately.

My friends Lindsie and Mike,, are walking across the country and completely relying on God’s grace to overcome their hurdles. When they are hungry, they pray. When they are tired, they pray. Then God brings them food and rest. Their faith is incredible.

I realized today that it is my turn to let go and have complete faith. Some days are so hard and I am not sure I can take one more step, but I will keep going. One day God will awake me. He showed me today that he always will.


5 thoughts on “Today

  1. bst wishes 4 de rst of ur lyf , may God blez u dearest. letz let it go pliz. evrrythin hppns 4 a reason.

  2. My daughter is leaving for her postion in Ghana on June 2nd to teach. Do to many oversights on PC part she had a short time to get all her medical/dental etc done and turned in. She faced many obstacles and hurdles to meet the endline but prayer got her through !! God is with you and he has made that very evident by waking you up. Remember that every day you are always enriching lives over there, it may not seem like it at the time but YOU ARE ! Keep the faith and keep praying !
    Always know that your family and friends will be praying for you as we will for our daughter while she is over there !

  3. I’m relieved that you are OK. What a scary thing!? Life really is full of peaks and valleys isn’t it? Your life is definitely not boring! And believe me, all these challenges you are going through only make the next time easier. I so admire your courage. When I was your age, I was still afraid to drive by myself?! Stupid, huh? Keep plugging along doing your best and most importantly have a little fun doing it! Like that advice? That’s what I’ve figured out in my 50+ years! HA! Take care! Ginger

  4. God has a special purpose for you. All that is happening is part of that. Relax and flow with it – grow – endure what you must, enjoy what you can – most of all, underneath it all, be at peace!!

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