It will happen

We have been planning for this workshop for 16 months. Today, it was finally going to happen.

Yet, as the workshop attendees filed in from surrounding villages, I noticed that the presenter – whom we worked for months to acquire – had yet to arrive. When I phoned her, she said that she wasn’t coming. There was an issue with transportation and it couldn’t be settled until the following day.

Again, this wasn’t going to happen.

With the help of the school secretary, I explained the situation to the group. I watched their faces as the news hit, waiting for anger and disappointment. Instead, they told me no matata. No problem. We would organize another date.

They understood the situation around transport, they said, and wanted me to know that it was not my fault. Their only worry was that I would stress too much. They appreciated that I told them in good time so they could return home and resume chores.

The Basotho continue to amaze and teach me. The workshop will happen and, when it does, the timing won’t matter. There is no use in worrying about things that can’t be controlled. To stress is a waste of emotion.

I walked back to the school, trying to shed the last ounces of worry and guilt. They are right, this isn’t my fault and it will eventually happen.


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