Normal and Adventure

At the office, I had a few meetings to sort out various projects and then printed off documents to go through with a hi-lighter later.

I jetted off to lunch with a friend and, later, browsed through the grocery store, trying to pick out the right combination of delicious and healthy foods.

Back at home, in sweats, I ate a nicely cooked meal and watched some television.

The day felt normal. Not typical for Peace Corps or Lesotho, but normal as in I was back in the United States and working the regular 8 to 5.

Although I am happy to lead the life that I do, there are times when I miss certain common things about the U.S. that we rarely think about. I miss watching TV as a way to unwind at the end of the day. I miss quick runs to the grocery store. I miss lunch dates with friends between working hours. So, when I get hints of these things in my African life, they are comforts to remind me that I can still be normal in a foreign place.

But, as I looked backed upon my day, I realized there are scenes that clearly diverge from the average American life. Walking an hour with the sunrise to collect three pieces of mail. Sitting on the side of the road for 20 minutes while the taxi driver pays the police a bribe. Calculating in my head what groceries I am buying so that I am able to carry them for my three-kilometer walk. Waiting for a cow to move so I can continue past.

It’s these moments, although frustrating at times, which remind me how lucky I am to live this life. They add adventure.

The best days are when I can have both, adventure and normalcy. I remember where I came from but still embrace the current life. When those are balanced, I find that I am my happiest.


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