My Grandma Grenz used to hang her laundry in the summertime instead of using the electric dryer. I loved running through the sheets and feeling the fabric against my skin as they flapped in the breeze.

I know I’ve complained a bit about not having certain modern conveniences. Yes, I miss daily hot showers and constantly having charged electronics, but there is also pure joy in simplicity.

Air-dried clothes are better than any tumble cycle. And, although I have a light in my house, I always chose to get around by candlelight in the evenings. Even the bucket bath can have its own nostalgic romance.

I have the rest of my life for lights, dryers and indoor plumbing. For now, I get the gift of stepping back in time and living like my ancestors, being thankful for the hot shower and wifi when I can get it.


One thought on “Simplicity

  1. Grandma loved having you and you brothers come and stay with them during the summer. I hope I can be half as good of a Grandma as she was.

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