The first one

My mother’s tears were barely dry and we hadn’t even ventured pass the small municipal airport’s lobby when my fathered asked me if I had a job yet. Since then, 15 days ago, he’s asked me that same question every day.

My father is merely kidding, at least that’s what I assume as I roll his eyes with each time he says ‘job’.

Returning from the Peace Corps is sort of like graduating from high school or college. It’s hard not to cringe at “What will you do now?” because I have no real answer to that. Back in Lesotho, I refused to care about such things because I was so focused in enjoying every minute of the present and did not want thoughts, more like worries, of the future to adulterate it. A few other volunteers were frustratingly applying for jobs without reliable Internet service but I maintained that I wouldn’t even bother with the search until I was well into my transition home. I scanned job sites, especially after particularly rough days at school, but would never apply for anything, no matter how much I liked the position. The timing wasn’t right, so the job wasn’t right. I continued to tell myself that I would apply after the new year set it.

It may have seemed that I wasn’t worried about looking for jobs, maybe I was even confident, but of course I was. I noticed that many of my volunteer friends searched for months and knew of other people, outside of my PC circles, who sent out hundreds of resumes without any luck. I’ve really only been in the job search one time – just before my college graduation – and I lucked out and, after that, I’ve sort of just fallen into positions. This time, though, my reach will be greater (as of now, I am not planning to stay in South Dakota) and I fear what kind of rejections will come as well as the time it will take to find something.

But I have to start somewhere.

Here we are, on the second day of 2014, and I woke up knowing that my time of not caring has ended. I am still not in a huge rush, but it’s time to at least start planning for my future. Today, I applied for my first job. At this point, I am really only applying for positions that I truly want and with organizations that I truly believe in because I am not in panic mode and I think I have earned that. However, I realistically expect this search to last a few months because I am not more special than my friends who’ve had to look for a long time before something fell into place.

This search with come with steep hills and great bumps, but I am OK with that because I believe something remarkable awaits me at the end. With faith and hope, I am ready to begin. 


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