Inspire Me

Bring on this week’s inspiration.


BecaurefulThe picture is from my Lesotho village and this say comes from this idea.

2. Be nice
I typically don’t watch late night television (two years of an 8 p.m. bedtime will do that to you) but I found this sketch series and loved it. I am really aware about what I post on Twitter, this blog, or other open platforms as not to say cruel things about anyone. This comes from being a reporter where people absolutely love to hate you and I refuse to associate myself with such human bashing. However, I love when they laugh these off and don’t care what some random person on the Internet says. I need to do that more. (P.S. These clips have some strong language.)

3. Have hope
In places like Lesotho, HIV is a part of everyday life. It’s there everywhere and sometimes you lose hope. This video is absolutely incredible and it is proof that we shouldn’t give up. There is hope.

4. Beautiful photos
Be careful, you’ll want to look through the entire site.

5. Be grateful


“Look at the sky: that is for you. Look at each person’s face as you pass on the street: those faces are for you. … Remember this when you wake up in the morning and think you have nothing.” – Miranda July
Quote and picture found here, along with some other inspiring tidbits.

6. Be Vulnerable
I am not very good at being vulnerable. I don’t like to admit weaknesses and wrongs. I don’t like to put myself in a situation where I may fail or get hurt. I learned a lot of tough lessons in the Peace Corps about being more vulnerable with work, dreams, and relationships but it’s still not something I am not really good at, but I want to be better. I guess this blog is one way that I do that constantly, yet someone once told me that this doesn’t count to those that I love. I have to actually tell them how I am hurting and believe that they can help. A few weeks ago, I found Amy Reinnik’s blog and a post with a TED Talk from Brene Brown on vulnerability. It resounded with me on so many levels. I can be more vulnerable, more open to what God and the universe has in store.

7. The National
Lately I’ve been listening to The National on repeat. All of their songs are so beautiful and lyrical. “I need my girl” is one of my favorite songs to write to and some nights when my mind won’t calm down I let Matt Berninger sing me to sleep. This Tiny Desk concert is amazing.

8. Friends chasing dreams
We were in my apartment playing some kind of game where you give clues and the others have to guess the answer. I don’t remember this, but is told that I said, “I am sure this is Micah’s dream job.” The answer was comedian and he swears to me that he never thought about doing stand up before that moment. Micah is one of the funniest people I know and I am often found giggling into my phone after some text message he sent me. He’s done open mic nights and other stand up gigs for a few years now and I think he is absolutely fantastic. He is doing a show this Friday at Latitude 44 in Sioux Falls, a lovely venue in downtown, and he is one of many funny people. If I didn’t already have plans, I would be there, probably after eating strawberry salad for dinner with Brandon Van Westen, but you should go. Not only will it be funny, but it’s always inspiring to see someone do something that genuinely makes them happy.

9. Kittens inspired by kittens
Thanks to Amy for reminding me that this existed.


One thought on “Inspire Me

  1. sometimes we’re the same person: brene brown – love her. the power of vulnerability is one of all time my favorite ted talks. the national – i can never get enough.

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