Peace Corps National Day of Action

1488207_10152228289073684_1618383373_nIt’s Peace Corps week, a time when former volunteers spread their service into U.S. classrooms and government buildings. It’s a great time for RPCVs to remember their service and use it to promote and advocate for this incredible agency.

Today is Peace Corps National Day of Action and several RPCVs, many of them friends, are spending the day on The Hill to speak with lawmakers about their services and why the program continually needs their support. Although I will be arriving in DC four days late, I wanted to post something today about my continued respect for Peace Corps. Not every volunteer leaves Peace Corps with belief in the agency, but I still have hope in John F. Kennedy’s vision and still maintain that is one of our country’s greatest tools in international development.

This week the International Relations Online posted an interview I did with them about Peace Corps. I am always honored to speak about my service and am very thankful to IRO for that opportunity.

I also wanted to share a video that I made for my Short Grass Arts Council speech a few weeks ago. These are an assortment of photos I took along with recordings of my students singing.

Lesotho from Heather Mangan on Vimeo.

If you are looking at applying to Peace Corps or received an invitation and have questions, please feel free to contact me at I always love sharing my experiences with those that are interested in the Peace Corps.

Happy Peace Corps Week!

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