Start Fresh



My talented friend Kate sent her homemade screen print (pictured at my sister-in-law’s bridal shower three years ago) shortly before The Post launched. It my fresh start, she said.

This morning, on my last full day in South Dakota, I saw that screen print on my dresser and decided to slip it into a pocket of my suitcase. Although three overstuffed bags are coming with me to DC, it doesn’t seem like a large chunk of my life and I wanted something for the memories and new beginnings.

Tomorrow I start fresh in a new city with a new job. There is much to worry about and the beginnings of anxiety did wake me at 7 a.m. Yet, I chose gratefulness for the day and it’s been an incredible one with friends and family. Things are falling in place and I’m giving my best effort at faith and trust. So much awaits me and I am promising myself to showcase the possibility instead of what could go wrong. Good, good things are in store.

I am leaping. I am trusting. I giving up control. I am embracing.

As the wonderful Foseroo said to me this morning, “The best adventures start off kind of crazy, right?” Yes, Melissa, they do.


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