On the brink

I am on the brink of something.

Something big.

Something is changing, something big is at work and it’s go to be a turning point.

I’ve consistently had this feeling for several years now, but to varying degrees. One moment, when the feeling seared through me, was right after I moved back to South Dakota from Idaho. I felt like an absolute failure in all areas of my life, but I couldn’t ignore this feeling that something much bigger was happening. 

And my life changed a lot in those two years in Brookings/Sioux Falls and I took risks I’ve never thought I would. I leapt and hit brick walls. I thought I found love only to find another brick wall. But, I morphed into the woman who chased dreams and found the strength to look those walls through bloody eyes and keep going.

Although I am very fortunate to have the things I do in my life right now, the clouds are moving and something is being built. I will have to work hard, embrace whatever it is with incredible faith, and likely endure pain, but something great is coming. 

I am on the brink. And it will be big.

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