Lost Connection

First, thanks to all that responded to my last post, which was kind of deep. Readjusting back to the U.S. is forcing me to look at some pretty nasty sides of myself – kind of like adjusting to Lesotho did – Oh I should write about that sometime – and I have a lot to figure out. I hope to share some of that here or somewhere, but my posts will likely stay incoherent for awhile.

Till then, here is this cool things someone shared with me. I think people who travel a lot often ended up meeting someone great and circumstances force them a part. A new TV show is looking for participants that want to reconnect with old flames. I love this concept and wish there is someone I could go out and find (maybe there is and I am just too embarrassed to admit to it?) but I wanted to share this with some of my readers.

Is this you? Would you want to be reunited with an old crush? Go apply so I can know someone on TV!



One thought on “Lost Connection

  1. Heather – in no way do your posts seem incoherent! You have a bold writing style and a courage to share what you are struggling with when most of us are thinking similar thoughts about our own lives but so reluctant to voice for fear people won’t like us or accept us if we are honest.
    Continue to write as your candor gives us hope that one day we will be loved and accepted for exactly who we are – wonderful, uniquely human, created in God’s image.

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