It’s the second day and I haven’t already abandon this project. Success.

I am grateful for running

2014-09-11 06.27.05

Lesotho allowed me to truly fall in love with running in a way that I hadn’t been able to do in the U.S. I would have big plans to run races, but motivation often died a few weeks later. We were casual friends, running and I. Abroad, though, running was often the only thing constant, familiar in my life and so I logged hundreds and hundreds of kilometers just trying to get to the next day.

I assumed that after I married running in Lesotho we’d have life-long happiness. I started training for a marathon, although I didn’t have a specific race picked out, in January, but running became such a chore that I had to abandon the plan. Instead, I ran when I felt like it, which meant a lot less frequent and far.

There are times when I get great eager to train again, which days later is removed when I think about all the time and effort involved. Still, I try to run a few times a week, most often because I feel like I have to and not because I want to.

This morning I did not want to get out of bed. It’s darker later now that it’s nearly fall and I felt a strong dread for the entire process of putting on clothes and walking out the door. I was about to hit snooze when a little voice said, “Just get up.”

So I did, and within in the first 30 seconds of my run, I was thankful I did. Some people have yoga or meditating, but running is what centers me. It doesn’t matter how long or how far, I just need to take that first step and I’ve never regretted it.

2014-09-11 06.27.17

I am thankful for mistakes

No photos for this one, but I am thankful for mistakes, all mistakes from taking the job to locking your keys in your car to using the wrong ‘its’ in a sentence.

I had this whole thing typed out about being self conscious about mistakes and feeling like a failure for calling someone the wrong name, but I realized that that is dwelling on it and I don’t want to do that (although it was therapeutic to type it out). I also don’t want to beat myself up for mistakes. No matter the severity, mistakes come with lessons and sometimes that lesson is just learning to shrug it off.

So here I go, shrugging.

I am thankful for phone calls with good friends
(I had a photo but it isn’t the best)

I was feeling a bit down earlier this evening (see the above section about mistakes and this post) but then a dear friend and I talked through FaceTime. We laughed, reminded each other that things will be OK, and then laughed some more.

And giggling with friends is about the best thing in life. So, now I get to go to bed happy and thankful.


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