It’s a beautiful fall Saturday morning, but I am not here to write about today. I still need to be thankful for yesterday.

I got home late last night and wasn’t able to do a post, so I guess there will just be two today.

Yesterday was not a bad day, but it wasn’t a unique day, either. It was a normal day and I had to look really hard to find something to be thankful for, but it’s on those days that I should be the most thankful – all I have is all I need.

This is the only photo I took yesterday:

2014-09-12 09.50.08

I am thankful for scarf season
Fall is the ultimate scarf season. Besides two winter fleece scarves, I have just four scarves. Three are from Africa and the other was a gift from Kieara. I am really proud of that.

I am thankful for a Facebook break
The day before I moved to Chicago, I deactivated my Facebook account. It has been incredibly freeing. I want to write about this more some other time, but stepping away from Facebook has been very healthy. I spent way too much time on the site, judging people based on this small snippet of their lives and them comparing myself to it. I am really bad about not recognizing all the good things in my life, but not constantly scanning other people’s profiles and their seemingly awesome lives has helped. There is some downsides – that’s how I keep in touch with many of my Basotho friends and I’ve missed big life announcements – and I think I will go back at some point, but right now I really enjoy being Facebookless.

2 thoughts on “3/30

  1. Good to see your posts Heather. I love the fall weather too! Leaves are beginning to change in Spearfish Canyon. Snow this week, but awesome here in Rapid today. Have a great week-end!

  2. what a cute picture! you are looking good. Chicago must agree with you. AND I agree totally with your take on Facebook. it can be so very unhealthy. . . good for you for stepping away.

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