So much to be thankful for today

2014-09-13 08.17.48

I am thankful for Saturday mornings
I often try to make the most of a Saturday morning by planning lots to do: coffee, farmer’s market, runs, big breakfasts. This morning, though, I just woke up and went for a run along Lake Shore Trail. It was beautiful, and it had nothing to do with my plans.

I am thankful for FaceTime
I was still living in South Dakota when Owen was born and I could see him daily. I knew that that wouldn’t always be the case and now I see him every couple of months (which compared to how many times I saw my family the last two years is enough to be thankful). However, my brother is really good about making sure we FaceTime regularly. Owen usually just wants to eat the phone, but I love it. It makes me so happy to see his face.

2014-09-13 09.05.25


I am thankful for therapy and what it’s teaching me
I’ve been going to therapy on and off since I was 17 and I’ve recently started going back. I should write more about this, but it’s been really great. So much has happened to me in the last year that it’s nice to talk about it with someone who is not involved. If you have never been to therapy but are considering it, go. It’s truly wonderful. I am learning that while life is messy, I am not a mess.

I winter coat shopping today. I am not thankful I have to do that, but I am thankful I found a good deal.

2014-09-13 15.51.49


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