We made it to a week, you guys. This is so big. So. Big.

OK, just a bit big.

Capturing these moments has forced me to look out for them at any given moment, paying attention to what is right in front of me. I am not all enlightened after seven days of a simple blog exercise, but I notice my emotions more, which I suppose makes it easier to understand them.

Today I felt good, like all day. I was consistently happy and hopeful, as I didn’t have all the answers but I didn’t need them. Yet, I had faith things would work out just fine. I don’t think one can feel like that every day, but it’s sure a great when you do.

I am thankful for two hour-long Skype chats

2014-09-17 22.41.32

He is Googling “Where to meet men in Chicago?” because he cares that much.

I am thankful for little coincidences.
Lately I’ve made these little intentions to the universe and then forgot about them. Like, I should download a good weather app or I want to subscriber to The New Yorker.

Then the world gives me what I want. My aunt tells me about this great weather app and my sister-in-law forwards a link to a free magazine subscription.

My therapist talks a lot about intentions but I haven’t go into a practice yet, but I do see the wonder that comes in when you say you want something and it shows up. OK, so maybe having the intent of walking $1 million is a bit farfetched, it’s still fun when these things just appear, even if it is an app or magazine. The trick, though, is putting it out there and letting it go do it’s thing. That’s what I am not good at.

I am thankful for “The Mindy Project”
“The Mindy Project” returned this week and it was glorious. After the HIMYM letdown (No, I am still not over that), I can’t get attached to shows, except for TMP. I remember when I heard that Mindy Kaling was making a show and thought I would hate it. Like most “The Office” fans, I thought Kelly was awful and Kaling annoyed me on Twitter. Then I watched an episode of TMP and was hooked and, after I read her book, I decided to love Mindy forever. Mindy, both Kaling and Lahiri, feel like your dorky best friend that you could never go a day without texting. You love her so much that you see yourself in her. The season premiere was not a let down. It was amazing, and Chris Messina is gorgeous. I am looking forward to Tuesdays, and by Tuesdays I mean Wednesdays when I can watch it online since I don’t own a TV nor have cable.

2014-09-17 18.59.44-1

Today’s gratitude is sponsored by MacBook Air. OK, Apple, you can send me a check now since I am sure this post has brought you TONS of new customers. Any other companies want to sponsor with me? Google? Skype? The Mindy Project?


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