2014-09-18 17.46.33

I am thankful to be alive
Last night Jer and I talked about being honest with ourselves, wondering out loud if we really were. So, I’ve been thinking about that a lot today and asking myself, “Do I really want this?” I came to a great conclusion about something that I do want in my life and another big piece of it that will require lots of courage and hard work, but it’s worth it to have the life I want. It’s scary and I can’t judge if these things are obtainable, but I am putting the intention out to the universe. That’s a start.

I am thankful for eavesdropping
In Lesotho conversations played through taxis, public events and lounging around the house like background music because I didn’t understand them. The words floated high enough for me to get lost in my own head. It still surprises me when I start listening to a conversation – by proximity, of course – and that I can follow along. That sounds terrible, I know, but if you are talking on a train you can guarantee that someone will be listening, whether they choose to or not. On my commute home, two men were discussing one’s new job – a healthcare reporting gig. It was hard to tell which publication he worked for, but I am guessing a newspaper of some sort because he works with an entire team dedicated to covering healthcare. The other guy asked him about his editor and his competition, then said, “Everyone is so jealous of you. This will lead to so much for you.” But the part that stayed with me was when the friend said, “I miss reporting sometimes, but I don’t regret getting out of it.” As I have alluded to in the past, journalism was not for me – I just wasn’t good at it – but I still miss it, a lot actually, which is why my current job is such a good fit for me. I think at this point I looked at the men talking and smiled, as if I was part of the conversation. Then I buried my head in my book because that’s CREEPY.

Speaking of books …
2014-09-18 18.14.09

I am thankful for libraries
Did you know that millennials are spending more time at the library than older generations? Even though they are more technology, they read more. Like, oh my gosh.

Eyes, rolling. I have heard that story reported about six times in the last week. Who cares?

You know why millennials love the library? IT’S FREE. We like free things and this is about as free as it gets.

Also, millennials like libraries because buying books is a huge investment. First, cost. Then you have to figure out the space for them. Then there is transporting all of those heavy books when you move every three months. Buying books is such a commitment and millennials are terrified of commitment.

It’s possible I am projecting some self fears, but I am a pretty good representation of my generation, the millennials.

That word, gross.

Anyway, books in libraries! I love the library. It is really the best because while I love books I do not like buying them, mostly because they are a COMMITMENT. Plus when I walk into a book store I pick at least three that I want. The same happens in the library and they are all exactly $0.

Tonight I went to the main Chicago library and it was wonderful. I could get there lost for hours, and someday I will.

2014-09-18 13.17.14

I am thankful for tomatoes.
I could eat tomatoes every day for all three meals for the rest of my life. I love them that much.


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