Maybe it’s this wonderful weekend, sprinkled with friends, reflecting, lounging.

Maybe it’s that for the first time since I returned that my life seems constant and smooth.

Maybe it’s the reality in finding contentment with gratitude.

Whatever it is, life feels good, hopeful. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t need to be.

2014-09-21 16.39.00 HDR

 I am thankful for normal days.
Run. Church. Coffee. Newspaper. Netflix. Movie. These are the perfectly normal days that I craved for when I woke up to cows and bathed in buckets. I loved those days, but these are pretty great too. Also, I can ALWAYS plug in my electronics. That’s kind of incredible.

I am thankful for forgiveness.
This morning at church I came to the realization that I could forgive, that it is my choice. Forgiveness allows me to let go and look to the brighter future. Forgiveness is my choice, and it is incredibly powerful.

I am thankful for the days when I look like a freaking Pinterest photo.
2014-09-21 14.00.39I am thankful for movies.
I don’t do it that often, but nights when I can go to a movie – and of course eat an entire bag of popcorn – are special. Tonight I saw “Boyhood” and really enjoyed it. Life is messy, it’s rarely fair, but still it is magnificent.


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