Are there just 15 days left of my 20s? It seems so tragic yet hopeful.

I am thankful for the guy on the train
About once a week I slip into a very deep, troubled pattern of thinking. Once I am there it’s hard to pull me out. It can be fairly awful and I was headed that way this evening while on the train home. It was very crowded and I had to fight for space to even stand. The most painful thoughts were passing through when a man tapped me on the shoulder. “Excuse me ma’am. Would you like to sit?” That one act of generosity was enough to remind me that people care about me, people I may not know, and suddenly I was out of the hole.

I am thankful for the train

I used to drive 50 miles north to work and then 50 miles south. Through rain and sleet, on ice and after long days. I vowed then to never own a car again. I may be on the train for a large chuck of time but I get to read and zone out. It will always be better than driving.


I am thankful for work neighbors who have this cool view and then invite the whole building to look at it with free drinks and snacks.


One thought on “15/30

  1. Heather, when I read your blog, I always think I am so much like you. The way you think and feel. Plus, we both find power in running and shared a lifelong goal of being a PCV. Maybe it makes sense because we’re both Libras. I’ll be 30 on October 16th. Isn’t that weird? Just thought I’d let you know that we’re in this together.

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