I am thankful for flannel


I’ve had this shirt for so long but it’s my favorite. Flannel is the best. It goes with everyone. Except evening gowns. But when do I wear evening gowns? I’d probably try to wear Chacos with some sparkly dress and everyone would be all, “You can’t do that! That’s fashion suicide!” Like I have a reputation for fashion and I would kill it for wearing Chacos. I don’t have a reputation because I would wear Chacos and Flannel every day because they are comfortable and I am only in things for comfort.

Congrats, now you know my status about footwear. You feel empowered, don’t you?

On a related note, I am thankful for Chacos.

I am thankful for great coworkers

I am thankful for family group texts.
How did families stay in touch before? Or send pictures of adorable nephews? Or talk about college football?

I am thankful for awkward selfies.
This was totally not a thing three years ago. It probably was but I will pretend that it wasn’t and that I am still trying to catch up.



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