2014-09-28 13.34.35

I am thankful for Sundays.
Sundays are my favorite day. Often times I make all these plans for Sunday and then I get stressed trying to accomplish those plans. Today I let the moments flow threw me and I did what felt great at that moment. Oh, the exhilaration. I should live without plans more often.

I am thankful to have found a great church in my neighborhood.
It’s been awhile since I’ve attended church regularly. In Lesotho I occasionally attended the Evangelical church in my village because it was a great way to integrate and feel like a part of the community. Occasionally, I attended Catholic church with my host family but the services were two hours away and lasted four hours, so it was quite a time commitment. Still, with both, I rarely got much because they were both in Sesotho. Even back in Sioux Falls, I had a hard time finding a church that I liked, and hopped to different Catholic churches throughout the city. I was struggling with the church and my faith at the time, but when I returned to the U.S. I was ready to attend church on regular basis, if I could find one that I liked. My first weekend in Chicago I looked up the churches in my neighborhood and found St. Gertrude. I loved it from the first mass. St. Gertrude is more of a progressive Catholic church and is welcoming to people from all walks of life. There are parts of the Catholic faith that I struggle with, but St. Gertrude makes me feel like that’s OK  and that I am not alone. Also, I love the history of church – the stained glass windows, the beautiful architecture, the hymns – and I feel as if I am somewhere else for an hour.

2014-09-28 08.00.52

I am thankful for trying new things, and sometimes failing.
2014-09-28 10.55.55
This morning I made two new foods. Zucchini fritters – amazing. Pumpkin bread – not so amazing. That one is on me, I should have known better that sugarless pumpkin bread would not be so great. But I am going to eat it and I know the secret to making most foods taste amazing: put a crapton of peanut butter on it.

I am thankful for morning coffee and the newspaper.
The Sunday paper is such a treat. I usually read the paper in this order: A Section, News & International, Life & Style, Arts, Travel, Comics. I throw out the business and automobile, scan the real estate section for pictures of condos and dream of what it would be like to live there, flip through the sports for anything semi-interesting. I feel like a better citizen when I read the paper.

2014-09-28 11.59.08I am thankful for the times when the writing pours out.
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

I am thankful for The West Wing.
My dad watched this while it was on, but I never really got into it, although I never doubted that it was a good show. A friend sent me the first two seasons while I was in Lesotho and I was hooked. Then my hard drive broke and it was hard to watch anything, in addition to not having electricity. I recently resumed the series and it’s amazing.
“Hey, is the reason you guys didn’t get married is ’cause her name would have been Lisa Sherborne Seaborn?”

I am thankful for showers.
I will never take being clean for granted again.

Happy Sunday, lovelies. Maybe it be a grateful week.

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