I am thankful for possibilities.
Oh, the things that will come.

I am thankful for routine mornings when I do all the things that make happy.

Yoga. Meditate. Run. Pray. Watch videos that make me cry, in a good way. Eat deliciousness. Email my mom. All in a good morning.

I am thankful for fall nights.

The biting wind, the heavy clouds, the crunch of leaves. The houses that appear safe, warm and foreign when you look on the inside. I’ve always loved a walk through a dark neighborhood in the fall. It’s slightly scary but the kind of fear that invigorates you and makes you wonder else could scare you this delightfully?


I am thankful for one-word sentences.
They. Are. The. Best.

I am thankful for the natural.
The last few days I have decided not to wear makeup. Not because I felt that I shouldn’t or it a punishment. I simply didn’t want to. Maybe I will do so tomorrow, regardless, the decision will be mine



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