The last day of September. I know that I say this every month of 2014, but to think that I began this year in Pierre and am now in Chicago, with a few months in DC, is surreal.

I didn’t take a lot of photos today. It was just one of those days.

2014-09-30 18.31.28

I am thankful for saying ‘Yes’.
I went to an event last night where a woman talked about saying ‘yes’ in our lives. I feel like I’ve said yes to a lot of things: to Africa, to Chicago, to crazy adventures that drain the pocketbook but leave good stories. Since I’ve gotten home, I’ve been so obsessed with following “the right path” and making decisions that will lead me to it. I get so caught up in the ‘should’ that I hardly know what I really want. My evening was free and I thought about going to a writing group that I haven’t been to in months because I’ve always seemed to have something going on. However, I was tired and really wanted to just go home read and watch an episode of The West Wing. That seemed lazy and like a waste of an evening, but it’s what I wanted to do, deep down. I decided not to make a decision until I was on the train home and, as I thought about it, I remember the woman and saying yes. So, I decided to say yes, to myself. I came home and took care of myself the way I would a friend.

I am thankful for the little boy who waved hello to me this morning.

I am thankful for friends who let me text rant.

I am thankful for little pieces of my former life that show up as to say, “You, my sweet one, are in the right direction.”
2014-09-30 17.27.48


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