I am thankful for the people that love me.

WhenI get lonely, which tends to happen who you live in three places in nine months, my friend Roxy will tell me, “Oh, but my dear, you are so, so loved.” I tend to focus on those that forgotten, pushed, forced, shooed me out of their lives instead of being grateful for those that put me in theirs and won’t let me go. Those people, I love.

I am thankful for cute restaurants with vegetarian friends.

2014-10-07 17.24.37

2014-10-07 17.25.36

I am thankful nights when the writing pours from me.
Maybe it will be good, maybe it will be bad, but at least I am getting it out.

I am thankful for customer service.
Sometimes I really miss Lesotho – the people, the views, the simplicity. However, there are times when I do not, most often those are times that require any kind of customer service.

I still have flashbacks from trips to the post office, the clinic, the bank, the cell phone store and other places where I waited for hours and hours to get no help. Transferring money required a handwritten letter, a couple hours waiting in line, a great amount of staring tolerance and all the patience you had.

I forget that the U.S. is different. Today I had to get a new Ventura card and I expected to be met with long lines, grumpy clerks and a possible, “I can’t help you.” But it was actually pleasant. The doors opened at the time they were supposed to. There were multiple windows open. The line moved fast. The clerk was extremely sweet and helpful. I was so blown away and delighted by this pleasant experience, one that most would find inconvenient. It was actually a highlight of my day.

I am thankful for going home to this:

A little Ella to walk me in.


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