Day 13

So, um, I forgot yesterday. It’s not that I wasn’t thankful but I guess I was just tired. I should have thought about this more, though, because I woke up in one of those woe-is-me states and sort of stayed there. Lately I’ve been practicing resilience. As my therapist tells me, I can’t expect to be 100 percent free of tough emotions and hard days but I can learn to handle them in more thoughtful ways, aka, not stuffing myself full of fried food or drinking half of a bottle of wine. It’s not fun. Crappy emotions make you dig through things that hurt and in order to free yourself from them you have to accept that they are there, accept that they hurt and accept that you don’t need them.

As much as I don’t like it sometimes, I am thankful for these “problems”. I know that I can become a better person if I learn to embrace them instead of finding quick fixes.


From here

I am also thankful for perspective. My problems are nothing compared to this man’s, yet he sings.


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