A few people found my story fascinating, so they wrote about it.

‘Callison: Evictions from nations fail to kill Peace Corps dream’ by Jill Callison, Sioux Falls Argus Leader

‘Mangan prepares for next chapter’ by Ruth Brown, Pierre Capital Journal

‘It our alumni that make us great,’ profile for South Dakota State University website

‘Students, faculty recount years spent in ‘toughest job you’ll ever love,’ by Dave Graves, SDSU’s Calling Home

Ghost & Horses podcast, episode 2 by Brian Bieber

’50 years of Peace Corps adventures’ by Rachel Rodriguez, CNN iReports

‘Africa to Pierre: SDSU graduate has two places to call home’ by Emma DeJong, SDSU Collegian

‘Mangan sees Egypt change’ by Ruth Brown, Capital Journal

‘South Dakotan shares story of time in Africa’ by KDLT

‘The Real Deal: Heather Mangan returns’ by 605 Magazine

‘Get(ting) involved: Heather Mangan heads to Africa’ by 605 Magazine

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