mail in Lesotho

Letters are gold in the Peace Corps. Away from home, often lonely, a simple letter can be the difference between a good and bad day. So, if you want to do something nice for me, send me a letter.

Many of friends and family have asked about mail in Lesotho here is a FAQ page.

Where can I send mail?

Heather Mangan, PCV

PO Box 264

Machache 130


My life is boring. You don’t really want to hear about it, do you?

YES! News from home is extremely comforting. It could be that you went to the store or that it rained today. I don’t care. Small bits of news, and even the mundane, keep me connected to American life. Remember, the most exciting part of my day may be that I brought three tomatoes, so I am sure whatever you are doing is more thrilling than that.

Can I send you a package?

Although I do not expect anyone to send me any packages, I am able to receive them. Please note that it costs at least $60 to send some packages, and that doesn’t include filling it. If you want to send me something, I recommend using a padded envelope because it has a better chance of getting to me and it is cheaper. Also, if you send me something I will probably send you something back

What kind of things should I send you?

Again, letters are more than sufficient but if you feel the need to add more you can include:
– Reading material: books (I like memoirs), magazines (all kinds), newspapers
– Stickers, small toys and/or trinkets for my students
– USBs with TV shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Glee and Parks and Recreation are my favorites), music and podcasts (you all know how I feel about This American Life.)
– Food items, such as cheese (velveeta is amazing in Africa, not so good in America), dried fruit, dried vegetables, oatmeal, granola, fruit snacks, coffee, tea and chocolate.
– Pictures
– Markers, crayons, paints, ect.
– AA and AAA batteries
– Soy sauce, spices, other things to make rice and lentils yummy

I will return any flash drives, maybe even with a special video 🙂

Is there anything special I should know about sending mail or packages?

Mail in Lesotho can be tampered with so I recommend including religious symbols on the outside of both letters and packages. If you  do send a package, include a list of items so I know if something didn’t make it. If you send a flash drive in an envelope make sure it is secure because I have had a few of those go missing as I send them home.

It takes too long to write a letter. Can I just type something instead of handwriting? 


Can I just email you? 

Yes, but my Internet is access is not always reliable so you may not get a quick respond, but you will get one. My email address is (it’s important to remember the second ‘m’) and I prefer that to Facebook.

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